Why Lifelong learning?


Lifelong learning is an ongoing and exciting process. Because this form of education has become so important in our lives, we at ATCS offer various short and long courses specifically designed and developed to help those who wish to continue studying or who simply want to learn something new.

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    AT ATCS we offer a number of ongoing short and long courses specifically designed to cater for the needs of those who wish to continue their education or further their knowledge on specific subjects.

    ATCS offers a number of highly interesting training courses which are only offered by us and are specific to the Financial Services Industry.

    Participants benefit greatly from our courses as they receive individual attention and follow-ups.

    We also offer a myriad of uniquely specific courses directed primarily to the Financial Services Market which no other company can offer in Malta. This is due to the high level of expertise of our trainers.

    At ATCS we offer a number of bespoke and specific courses catering primarily for the Financial Services Industry and which are unique and avant garde. Such courses include:

    1. Derivatives Trading and Hedging
    2. Financial Markets Courses
    3. FX Trading Courses
    4. Compliance
    5. Financial Risk Management
    6. IT Risk Management
    7. Business Continuity Planning
    8. Regulations

    We also offer professional services training as below:

    1. Effective Public Speaking
    2. Working with Emotional Intelligence
    3. Conflict Management
    4. Stress Management
    5. Effective CV Writing