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Languages are nuanced; each language has its own idioms, expressions, syntax, and sentence structure. A word-for-word translation from one language to another can result in a completely different meaning coming across to the new reader. In business, such errors can be the difference between success and failure.

That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your translated documents are accurately translated and remain faithful to the nuances of the original languages. With the backing of a translation service that you can trust, you can take your business global and lead endless growth opportunities in new and exciting markets.

Since 2013, ATCS Consultancy has been providing professional and accurate translation services in more than 150 different languages. We have a network of highly experienced and professional translators located around the world. This allows us to consistently deliver quickly and produce the best-localised service possible.

Whether you or your business is located in Malta, the United Kingdom, or anywhere else in the world, our services are available to you. Our translations are legally certified and accepted for Apostille Services by the Malta Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our legally certified physical translations are sent either by registered mail or by courier for that extra added value to you as our esteemed customer.

We specialise in a diverse portfolio of translation services and offer cross-language translations at the same price as single language translations. All our translations are proofread by separate independent translators at no extra cost, thus providing you with both a high-quality output and peace of mind.

For the best translation services available, choose ATCS Consultancy.

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Our Translation Services

Thanks to the powers of the Internet, the global community has been able to communicate and connect easier and faster than ever before. Due to language barriers, however, reaching out to users, people & customers across borders requires more than just a modem.

Our professional translation services include: website translations and localisation; translation of website SEO/multilingual SEO campaigns; translation of software, user interfaces, software guides, and software documentation; translation of Google AdWords Advertising Campaigns.

In order to help both individuals, businesses and public departments from around the world to communicate, our services also cater for the following: translation of documents, books, manuals, and certificates; translations of brochures, product catalogues, press releases, advertising and marketing materials; translations of legal documents; translations of technical manual and documents; translations of medical documents; translation of business material such as reports, technical schedules, and insurance reports. Key point also is that all translations keep to the original format of the original document. Therefore there is less work for the customer in the end.

Examples of Languages that we are able to translate include:

  • All European Languages to English and Cross Language
  • All  main Asian Languages to English and Cross Language
  • All Cyrillic Languages (50 approx) to English

Translations can also be made from English to all languages mentioned above.

Benefits of Translation Services

Business never sleeps; it is a 24/7 world that is competitive and becoming even more competitive. To stay ahead of the game, effective communication is an essential tool of any business. This is especially so when dealing with overseas clients or markets, or you are looking to expand your reach. Here are some of the main benefits of using ATCS Consultancy’s translation services.

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    Proper interpretation of each and every message is key to your business’s success. When you are working with international clients or customers, professional translation services ensure that everyone is on the same page at the same time. From business reports to marketing materials and everything in between, a professional translation service can ensure that your business is never lost in translation.

    We offer translation services in more than 150 different languages, allowing your business to reach new markets and position itself as a global company. Whereas in the past, you may have had to turn down new opportunities due to language barriers, with the services of a translation company, your business can grasp every opportunity. Accurate and professional translation is at the heart of international business development.

    As we have highlighted, languages are complex and direct, word-for-word translations can cloud the nuanced meaning of messages. With a professional translation service like ATCS Consultancy, you can count on highly accurate translations that understand the nuances of each language.

    Given that all of our translations are proofread by separate independent translators, you can have peace of mind over the quality of our translations. Given that business never sleeps, we also understand the need for timely translations. We generally deliver within one working day for material of up to 9,000 keystrokes.

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