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ATCS Consultancy Ltd was entrusted by the Malta Financial Services Authority to deliver an inhouse tailor made course between Tuesday and Wednesday 7th and 8th May 2013. The course was entitled ‘Working With Emotional Intelligence’. The course was delivered to senior management at MFSA and spread over 2 days.

Mark L Zammit, Managing Director of ATCS delivered the course on Emotional Intelligence. The management teams of MFSA were introduced to the ideology and methodology of EI and how it could be used in everyday life and their career development. The course also targeted leadership and management of people and teams at work.

Speaking after the event, Mr. Zammit told those present that this was a successful event and that he was excited to be invited by the Financial Services Regulator to deliver this course to their senior management. The course was vibrant, enjoyable and participants easily contributed to the success of the course through active role play and EI enhancement exercies.

George Spiteri, Deputy Director of Human Resources at MFSA commented that all participants had good feedback about the course and that the course was beneficial to themselves and their team relationships. Attendance certificates were distributed to all those who participated.

MFSA Workshop