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ATCS Consultancy Ltd’s Training arm – ATCS Training Centre– recently received a testimonial from Mr. Jeffrey Romano, Marketing Manager of Clever Solutions Ltd.

Mr. Romano recently attended our Working with Emotional Intelligence course that was held on January 31st and said:

“I attended the ATCS course on “Working with Emotional Intelligence” given by Mark Zammit. I can confidently say that the course has not only increased my theoretical knowledge of Emotional Inteligence but importantly, it has given me a practical foundation on which to improve how I manage my emotions and the emotions of others around me. Furthermore, the course was enjoyable and interactive, and the fact that a copy of the course materials was given to us means that I can regularly revise what I learnt in class. Based on my experience, I do recommend using ATCS for your training needs.”

Mark L Zammit, Managing Director of ATCS Consultancy Ltd said that the feedback being received since we started our courses has been overwhelming. Delegates and Participants of the courses have noted the high level of standards and information being disseminated during each course. The Participants thoroughly enjoy attending the courses, as they are well presented and presented in a unique atmosphere that doesn’t drain you out.

Mr. Zammit has also remarked that attendances to the courses has been on the increase and since starting, the average participation rate has always been around the 10-12 delegate count. In fact our next course on IT Risk Management has attracted an overwhelming 22 participants.

The positive feedback from all delegates and participants and the receipt of the testimonial from Mr. Romano go to show that ATCS is proving to become a respected provider of relevant and high caliber courses to the local professional services market.