Why is it Important to have a Qualified Translation Service Provider?

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When trying to find a translation agency, you would want to make sure they have high standards and certified translators. You expect that this is the case without really thinking the opposite. Right?  WRONG!!


Some translation agencies and services providers offer extremely inexpensive translations with very short delivery deadlines. To most people this is brilliant. It’s exactly what they look for. Cheap and fast service. Unfortunately, unknowing to most customers, these translation agencies are able to provide cheap and quick translations as they hide behind translation algorithms and applications and rarely use qualified human translators.


Here are some examples of auto translations gone wrong.

Importance of Qualified Translators

It’s important that a translation company employs qualified translators. Translators who are natives in the target language and very adept and certified in the language combination you need.


Certified translators translate your documents with the highest level of accuracy, ensuring that your business is being perceived as trustworthy. Qualified, experienced and native linguists make the translation of documents and media much more effective.


Hiring the right agency means you have access to linguists 24 hours a day; which is beneficial if you’re on a tight deadline. You don’t have to rely on a solo freelancer to do the job.

They save you time and money

Some businesses are hesitant to contract a professional translation company because of the costs involved. Online automated translators are free, and there may be an opportunity to find an existing employee to do the task. But when thought about, there are obvious setbacks to having this approach.


Simply put, a professional translation company will save you time and money. How can that be so?


Well, anything worthy of being translated is likely time-sensitive. For any professional translation company, working to such deadlines is the bread and butter of their job. Professional translators can give you an idea about if your timeline is reasonable and any estimation of how long a task will take can be relied upon due to them talking from experience and not guesswork.


This simply isn’t the case for anyone who isn’t doing translations on a day-to-day basis, meaning you could be left hanging for what could be a very important request.


Bad translation also has the capacity to hit the coffers of your organization.


One such example is when tech giant Sharp caused their share price to fall due to the wrong choice of only one word! Added to that, any later revisions to incorrect texts are additional and unforeseen costs for your organization. Better to get it right the first time and call in the professionals.

Consistency and Quality Controlled Translations

Another benefit is that of Consistency. A competent translation agency has many certified linguists in house who can work on your project or document as a team. Usually if the translation agency is competent and large enough it can provide 2 sets of translation teams. One to translate and the other to proofread. This will provide reduced inconsistencies in translations of large documents and software.


Before the document is sent out for delivery; the editor on the team will ensure that the document is analyzed completely. The editor will make sure that when there are double meanings within the text, they choose the right one.  Translations with the correct context is one of the largest benefits of a high quality agency.


Additionally, high-quality agencies provide services that other agencies or freelancers may not be able to include. These services include on-site or over-the-phone interpretation. Localization, transcription, voice-overs, and subtitling are some of the other services that a high-quality translation agency may have available to their customers.

Choosing the Right Translation Agency

Looking for the right translation agency can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The agency should be experienced. Using an experienced agency means you will not waste your time or money. They will have experienced linguists and specific experts that will cater to your needs.


A good strategy to have is to look at the client reviews for an agency. Doing this will provide a customer perspective of how they operate. You’ll get a sense of their professionalism and how easy they are to work with.


Also, make sure the agency is equipped to handle multiple projects at a time. It’s important to know if they are able to deliver projects on time or even before your specified deadline.


There are a number of advantages of using certified translation services as can be noted by the European Commission which uses highly qualified translation staff for all their legal and judicial texts.

Your Search for Translation Services in Malta Is Over!

It should be clear to see from our article that the benefits of outsourcing translation services far outweigh any drawbacks. With good quality work, savings to your balance sheet and time, reliable cultural understanding, and providing an accurate and consistent message, the real question is when, not if, you should be looking to going professional with your translation work.


If you are looking for all of these aspects in translation services in Malta, then you are in the right place. We have provided the highest quality in translation for almost 10 years and would love to assist you.


Feel free to get in contact with us to see what we can do for you.